Gerard Colistra, CLU, ChFC

Sage Financial Associates

Gerard ”Jerry” has been in the financial services marketplace since 1978, and has been associated with several of the Sage Financial Associates since 1994. 

He offers services in 401(k) consulting and plan design, including participant retirement solutions. Jerry also advises clients in estate planning, coordinating the planning with the clients CPA’s and estate tax attorneys and handles the placement of life insurance when needed in the plan.

Jerry also is an advisor on commercial and personal property and casualty insurance and corporate employee benefits.  

In his busy schedule one of his most important priorities is Lorraine, his wife of 41 years, and their three sons and their seven grandchildren.

Jerry is a student of healing energy and is a healing touch practitioner. He enjoys several indoor and outdoor activities and loves to introduce the grandchildren to them.

Areas Of Expertise

Corporate Retirement Planning

Practice is focused on advisory services for companies, specializing in 401K design and education. Jerry and other Sage Financial Associates can collaborate and partner with each other to meet client needs for support with plan design or ongoing employee education or corporate compliance. SFA has the experience and personnel to design and administer plans from 5 employees to 1000 employees.

Personal Retirement Planning

Practice is focused on the retirement planning for the individual as they go through their various life cycles as they approach retirement and as they reach retirement. Helping to create wealth and distribute wealth during their various needs in life.

Personal and Small Business Insurance Planning

Practice is focused on business and estate insurance planning for individuals as they go through their lives building their families and businesses. Balancing risk and cost, utilizing life insurance and various trust mechanisms helps clients minimize estate taxes and maximize estate liquidity. Jerry also brings many years of experience with property and casualty insurance planning, and helps small businesses understand their needs for protecting their physical assets, as well as their business itself in the events of unexpected contingencies, and through the phases of succession planning.