Tambra Estill

Tambra Estill, MSA

Sage Financial Associates

Tambra Estill is a Financial Advisor who holistically builds effective wealth management plans to meet client’s targeted needs. She coordinates all assets to work in harmony— custom tailored toward each family’s financial goals.

Before opening her practice, for 15 years Tambra was a manager and corporate financial analyst. She embraces her love of numbers and now enjoys using her skills to ensure her client’s wealth serves their needs. Her approach is based on honesty, integrity and a highly personalized level of client service. Her combined experience brings a unique perspective and provides added value to clients. With diligence, nudges, and encouragement, she brings a roadmap of clarity to client’s financial goals – something they may have once felt was out of reach.

When she is not working, Tambra is gardening, hiking the Adirondack high peaks, conducting family dance parties, and positively impacting her community by being involved with local organizations.  Tambra and her family are also passionate about implementing practices into their daily lives to facilitate a culture of sustainability by reducing human-made impact to the planet and its ecosystems..

Areas Of Expertise

Financial Planning for the Sandwich Generation

I help families who feel financially wobbly as they try to balance financial needs of home and children against the financial needs of their aging parents. Being in the middle of two generations means the traditional approach to financial planning may not work. Together we build financial stability and reduce stress.

NEA Retirement Specialist

An approved advisor with the National Education Association. I serve the needs of NEA Members in K-12 education – providing strategies and investment options to help families plan and save for the future. With knowledge of NY state’s pension system and up-to-date with changing legislation and taxes, I assist education professionals with their unique retirement challenges.

Family Legacy Services

I help families design plans to successfully transfer their wealth and legacy to future generations – giving you the clarity and know-how you and your family need to move forward with confidence.
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