Paul Loucks

Sage Financial Associates

Beginning with his first job out of college, Paul Loucks has built a reputation for serving clients financial needs with diligence and integrity. Paul’s experience is both deep and broad, having first worked 15 years in commercial and trust banking, followed by serving as an agent for insurers Guardian and AIG. Then in 1998, Paul achieved the independence and freedom he always wanted as a registered representative for independent broker/dealer Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc. Through the support of Cadaret Grant, and its parent Atria Wealth Solutions, Paul brings the very best products and services to the benefit of his loyal clients. 

Paul’s practice focuses on investment advisory services and retirement planning. He is also a proud trusted advisor of Sage Financial Associates, based in the Capital District Region of New York State.  

Away from the office, Paul enjoys participating in volleyball and biking, and spending time on the Jersey Shore with his wife, kids and grandchildren.

Areas Of Expertise


My early experience in Trust Banking taught me two important lessons. First, being a fiduciary means putting my clients’ interests first and doing more for them than simply what the law requires. Second, managing risk should be the primary concern when striving for higher investment returns. Put simply, money should help you, not worry you.


The effectiveness of any plan depends on the user’s commitment to following it. I believe a retirement plan must be simple enough to understand and the clients’ progress easily tracked, followed by regular discussions on how to improve that progress. Retirement planning is an ongoing partnership between client and advisor.


For most people, saving enough for retirement is a big enough challenge, without adding the cost of custodial care to the equation. I encourage my clients to face custodial care risk and together we will make the best plan their budget will allow. Whether purchasing insurance, or consulting with a trust attorney, or just understanding how one qualifies for Medicaid, we can help make your financial dignity more secure.