Carl Baggetta

Baggetta & Co

For over 34 years Carl has shared his experience and knowledge, passionately educating and advising investors on financial welfare; emphasizing security, growth and income. 

“Communications with my clients are respectful and sincere, as it is a privilege and honor to be entrusted with building a solid financial portfolio, meaningful to an investor’s retirement and non-retirement goals.”

Carl’s passion does not skip a beat whether he is snow skiing, swimming, cooking for family and friends, landscaping or involved in stimulating conversation.  He is lovingly devoted to his wife, Donna, his children Nicholas and Andrea, and four grandsons.

Areas Of Expertise

Wealth Management

Having a trusting business relationship, affords me the opportunity to learn about each investor’s life story; their motivations, current situation and future desires. This communication is as much pleasurable, as it is fundamental, in directing me toward building a comprehensive investment strategy. 

Estate Planning

Security and growth are the prime interests of our clients, when planning for retirement and, eventually, the distribution of their wealth to heirs.

Financial Planning

Financial discipline and planning are involved when building investments, paying off personal debt and budgeting to achieve goals and financial piece of mind.